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Do you need an online translation quote? Don't know how much the translation of your website or documents can cost you? Would you like to get an immediate and affordable online translation quote? 

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Do you want to calculate how much your translation will cost? It's easy! Just enter the details of your translation in the calculator below and you will immediately get your free, no-obligation translation quote. Then, if you want us to do your translation, you will only have to confirm your translation quote and send us the documents. It's that easy!  

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How do we calculate the price of your translation?

First of all, our translation rates depend on several factors: the source and target language, the type of translation (sworn or plain), the length of the text, the urgency and the format of the documents. If you send us your document, we will adjust our price and delivery time. In this way, we will send you an estimate without obligation, personalized and adapted to your needs.


What factors influence a translation quote?

The number of words: the amount of content to be translated is calculated by the number of words. This is a fundamental piece of information to be able to define our translation quote. 

The source and target language: the language combination is the second factor to take into account. This is due to the fact that each language has a different rate. The rate charged for each language depends on the market, as well as the speed with which the professional translator can work. 

 • The type of translation: depending on whether you need a simple translation or a sworn translation, one price or another will apply. Simple translations are done by professional native translators who are experts in each sector. On the other hand, sworn translations are performed exclusively by professional sworn translators authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this way, the sworn translations we send to our clients are fully validated. 

 • The sector: the subject matter of the text can influence the translation quote. In fact, if it is a technical, medical or legal translation, it is necessary to have it done by an experienced professional translator with specific knowledge in the sector. 

 • The delivery date: delivery deadlines also affect the final price of a translation. In fact, the organization of the translator's and proofreader's work is conditioned by this point and may even increase the price of our translation quote. 

 • The format and type of files to be translated: some file formats slow down the translator's work considerably. This could also influence the final price of the translation quote.

At La Fábrica de Traducciones we have a team of translation project managers who are in charge of preparing the best quotation adapted to your needs. Send us the documents you need translated and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Don't think twice!  

Translation into more than 30 languages.

At La Fábrica de Traducciones we are experts in translations of all kinds of texts. In addition, we offer our clients both plain and sworn translations. We translate into more than 30 languages with professional native translators with extensive experience, always maintaining the highest quality of our texts. Our translation quotes are the most competitive in the market. This is only possible thanks to our extensive network of professional native translators and our vast experience in the industry. All translators at La Fábrica de Traductores are native translators, with degrees in Translation and Interpreting, Philology or related fields and specialized in different sectors. This is the only way we can guarantee the highest quality translation to each of our clients.

The best translation quote at La Fábrica de Traducciones:

Our translation quotes are clear, transparent and tailored to your specific needs. We will respond to your translation quote request in less than 24 hours. We guarantee you a personal, professional and friendly service thanks to our team of translation project managers. They will be in charge of offering you the best option in price and delivery time. We provide all our customers with a high quality service.

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We are able to guarantee the quality of our translations into any language, thanks to our stringent quality control. Our managers will personally take care of all the follow-up, from the moment they receive the request for quotation until the final translation is delivered. Send us the document to be translated by e-mail to Our team of translation project managers will send you a customized quote taking into account the characteristics of the request and your needs. If you decide to have your translation done by us, the project manager will do all the follow-up to maintain the highest levels of quality. Translations are done by professional native translators and then proofread by another professional to check the quality of the translation. The translation will be delivered within the deadline agreed upon in the translation quote. Simple translations are sent by email, while sworn translations are also sent in hard copy, signed and stamped by the sworn translator, when requested by the client.

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