Our Method

Our success is based on the quality of our processes and workers.

La Fábrica de Traducciones works with high level professionals to provide all its services. In addition, we rely on technology to guarantee the quality of our services and increase efficiency.

Project Manager

We assign an exclusive Project Manager to each client, who will be their contact in the company for all the projects they carry out with us and who will be in charge of:
  1. Planning each project: Once our client's needs have been defined, a work plan is created to ensure that it is adapted to the deadlines, budgets and specific requirements.
  2. Prepare a style guide and glossary in advance: work with our client to create an agreed style guide for the translators and collect the terms to be respected to ensure that the final text meets the client's needs and the stylistic homogeneity of the translations, as well as SEO optimization when necessary.
  3. Selecting the team of translators they are in charge of finding the ideal translators for each project and coordinates all the activity, making sure that deadlines are met and answering all your questions.
  4. Create a translation memory: for projects that require it, we will create a customized translation memory to optimize costs and homogeneity of our clients' translations.
  1. How we hire our translators: The Translation Factory only accepts qualified native professional translators, with degrees in the field of translation and extensive previous proven experience. In addition, they must pass a translation test that allows us to evaluate the quality of their work and ensure that they will deliver translations that meet our high quality standards.
  2. How we choose the best professional translator for your project: Depending on the type of project, we will choose one translator or another. Each professional translator specializes in one or two areas of expertise, making them a true subject matter expert. All of our translators are highly qualified, have years of proven experience and a degree in the field of translation. This translates into texts that will always respect the original, translated with the utmost accuracy and precision, regardless of the sector in question. In addition, we are able to assemble teams of translators for large projects, providing incredibly fast turnaround times.

Professional Translator

Professional translators are the key to our success. We work only with professional translators who are native speakers of more than 30 languages, certified and with extensive experience.


At La Fábrica de Traducciones we take advantage of all the resources offered by new technologies to guarantee the quality of our processes.
  1.   Text Conversion: We use specialized programs that convert any format to text, allowing you to focus exclusively on the content and detach from the formatting.  
  2.  Layout: We use DTP tools to ensure that the translated text maintains its original position and consistency.  
  3. Consultation: New technologies have simplified the search for terms for our translators. Most dictionaries now have web versions, allowing our professionals to save time in searching and gathering key information.
  4. Creation of Glossaries and Translation Memories: Term management and translation memory tools are essential for our translators as they allow them to create specialized glossaries and store translated segments, speeding up future projects and serving as a valuable source of reference.









Do you have doubts or need advice?
If you need professional translation services and would like us to prepare a customized quote or would like us to advise you in choosing the translator that best suits your needs, please send us a message. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
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